Our experienced professional teams are with updated national and international real estate market details with the strong support of our in-house database, in-depth market research and relationships with market players, therby providing cost effective comprehensive range of services to prospective client, viz.: selection of location, sourcing of properties & tenants, market study, comparative financial analysis, project / property marketing , structuring of transaction, negotiations, and documentation, etc. Our services include:

Demographic studies, analysis of Catchments area

Market research, Competitive analysis, Preparing feasibility reports

Exclusive Assignments for marketing prime retail real estate to corporate clients, large format retailers, brands, departmental stores and multi-location retail operators

Landlord and tenant representation

Evaluating locations and advising medium and large retail format chains to establish their stores in various locations

Tying up business conducting arrangements, on minimum guarantee and/or revenue share basis

Liaison with the government and semi government organizations, of legal compliances, verification of title of properties, registration of documents etc.