Land buy-sell Advisor:

aadityom Land Division is dedicated to land transactions involving development. The Division facilitates the sales / purchase of land and structuring joint developments between land owners and developers or end users.

Mediate property and land deals with various options increasing the value of their assets assisting mainly:

In identification, evaluation and purchase of land.

Assisting in all transactions of property deals.

Structuring joint developments between landowners and developers end users.

Assisting in sourcing, transfers and sell of Development Rights.

Liaison with the government and the semi government organizations, for various legal compliances, investigation of title of properties, registration of documents etc.

Advice various options to open up the value of assets.

Updating property records & necessary documents for effective retention / development / sale of property .

Location Analysis, feasibility reports development potential of the property, factors affecting development/sales/purchase of property, etc.

Legal services offered for property management:

Valuation & Appraisal.


Legal Tax Services.

Mortgage Services

Finance Your Property

Documentation Services:

Our services include:

Registration of Property.

Transfer of Properties.


Schedule title Search and legal documentation.